March 2, 2023:

Planning to List in the Spring? Do These 5 Things to Your Home Today!

There are a few things that immediately come to mind when we think of spring. Warmer weather, sunshine, tulips, and Real Estate! Spring is typically when homeowners start to wake up from their cozy winter hibernation and consider listing their home. In fact, most homeowners have already thought about listing their home, but have been planning to hold off until the frost starts to fade and the world wakes up from their sleepy wintery slumber. 

Are you planning to list this spring, but have no idea where to start? Here are 5 actionable steps to do to your home and for your home today that will set you up for success!

Talk to a Realtor®

If you’d like to see that FOR SALE sign sitting proudly on your front yard by spring, now is the time to talk to a local Realtor® and start making a game plan. Your Realtor® will be able to give you their expert opinion on strategies that will work for your home, and can even give you pointers on further steps to get your home ready for a sale. 

Choose a Realtor® that is local to the area and that has a proven system for success and a strong marketing plan. In this market, you will want to work with a team of experts that will go above and beyond for the sale of your home. Here’s more tips on how to choose the right Realtor® when selling your home

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Everyone has a different opinion of what is considered clean. What you may consider clean enough for company to come over, a potential buyer may consider unlivable. The best thing to do is clean, clean and clean some more. And once it’s done, clean a little more! Pay particularly close attention to the kitchen and the bathroom, since these are areas that buyers will pay close attention to when looking at your home. 

In addition, you will want to do a complete declutter of your home. Remove everything from surfaces, counters, and the floor that isn’t absolutely necessary. Excess clutter will make your space appear smaller and will not photograph well. Make sure that you work with a Real Estate team that offers Complimentary Staging, who will help you get your home looking its very best, but in the meantime, it’s time to remove any unnecessary items while you get ready to list. If you aren’t quite sure how to declutter your home, here are some decluttering tips

Consider a Fresh Coat of Paint

It is remarkable how much a fresh coat of paint can spruce up your home. Over time, typical wear and tear can result in a few scuff marks and spots, that might leave your home looking less-than-its-best even after a good cleaning. A fresh coat of paint will give your walls that like-new feeling that buyers will absolutely love. If you are considering giving your home a good paint to polish off all of your hard work cleaning and decluttering, here are a few things to consider: 

  • While colour has recently crept back into home decor trends, neutral tends to be more favourable with buyers, so it might be better to play it safe so buyers are not distracted by strong, bold wall colours. You can always incorporate some colour with your decor pieces when it comes time for staging.

  • Don’t forget to touch up trim, doors and door casings - this will also go a long way in giving your home that crisp, clean and like-new feel. 

Curb Appeal 

You might be so busy getting inside your home ready to list that it is easy to forget the outside, but curb appeal is important. As beautiful as spring is, it can be messy! Mud, dirt and debris like sticks, leaves or branches can be tidied as it starts to thaw outside. When it comes to outdoor curb appeal, clean and tidy goes a long way. If you have a pet, make sure that you pick up after them so buyers don’t step in anything unsavory. 

Exterior clutter can be an eyesore. Leave your entrance open, clear and clean so people can safely walk around. Not only that, but in spring, anything can happen! Make sure that you are prepared for those unexpected spring snowfall days with some salt for your walkways! 

For a deep dive on getting your home spring-ready, here are some more tips for boosting your home’s spring curb appeal!

Work with Your Real Estate Team!

Every home and every sale is unique, so talk to your Real Estate team about how you can get your home looking its very best for the spring Real Estate market. Your Realtor® will be able to let you know what works well for homes in your neighbourhood and will be able to help you set the best strategy for your particular home to show off its best features. 

The Faris Team Difference

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