February 18, 2022:

Selling Your Home? Top 3 Decluttering Tips That Will Help Your Home Sell Faster!

There is nothing that discourages buyers faster in their decision making than viewing a messy and cluttered house for sale. Studies have shown that buyers will make their decision within 6 seconds of walking into your home and within 6 feet of walking into your home, so you want to make sure that you are showcasing your home to its fullest potential when buyers walk through the door.

If you live in a home, it is only natural for clutter to accumulate over time. In fact, having items around the house is useful for living our day-to-day lives. We shouldn’t be ashamed of having clutter accumulate, but when it comes to selling your home, the word clutter is often re-defined as many items that are useful and efficient for living our day-to-day lives might actually get in the way of showing off your home’s potential.

What’s So Horrible About Clutter, Anyway?

  • Even a small amount of clutter can make a space appear much smaller.

  • It may block or hide wonderful features that your home has that you want to accentuate.

  • It can also draw the eye away from wonderful features that your home has to offer.

  • It can lead buyers to believe the home has been neglected when it comes to proper upkeep (even when this is not the case!)

  • Buyers have more difficulty imagining their belongings living in the home if it is filled with the previous owner’s contents.

Top 3 Decluttering Tips That Will Help Your Home Sell Faster...That You May Not Have Known About!

Clutter-free Modern Kitchen ready to hit the market

1. Furniture Clutter

It might sound strange to hear that furniture can make a home appear more cluttered, but when it comes to selling your home, too much furniture will make your space appear much smaller than it is. You will want to keep only the necessities and ensure that there is lots of space to walk around the furniture, as a buyer would during a showing. It’s also important to declutter the walls—yes, walls can create clutter with photos, artwork, and shelving. Wall décor should be kept to a minimum when selling your home. Wall art should always be centered and at the focal point of the room.

2. Surface Clutter

Clear, bare surfaces on counters, tables, desks, shelves, and anywhere that clutter most likely tend to accumulate in your everyday life should be a top priority. Any papers, items, appliances, excessive décor items or personal items should be out of sight and organized into closets or drawers. In the case of bathrooms, remove any personal hygiene products, cleaning products, or any brand labels and organize them into drawers. After decluttering, it is good to give these surfaces a thorough cleaning and dusting to remove any dust rings that the previous objects may have left behind.

3. Exterior Clutter

Many people do not realize that clutter can accumulate just as quickly outside of your home as it can inside of it. You will want to remove any landscaping tools, such as snow shovels, outdoor toys, excessive patio furniture, seasonal décor and waste bins that can make your exterior look less than ideal. You will also want to clear any natural debris, such as dead leaves, sticks or anything else mother nature might have brought to the exterior of your home that may indicate that the house hasn’t been properly kept. Even if you do take extra care to manage the upkeep of your exterior, one windy day, snowstorm or rainstorm can undo your exterior’s polished appearance.

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Clutter-Free Bedroom with Home Staging

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