October 19, 2022:

Don’t Go to an Open House Without Reading These Tips!

If you're heading to an open house, the idea of finding your new home might fill you with excitement and perhaps nerves. 

Open houses can be a fantastic way to view the home and ask the selling agent questions. However, buying a home can also be an emotional process, so while the home you're considering may have qualities that tempt you to fall in love immediately, it's essential also to look carefully and decide if this will be the right home for you. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when heading to an open house!

Bring Your Trusted Local Realtor® With You! 

Your Realtor® can spot things you may have missed, they will ask the critical questions you may not have thought of, and they have your best interests at heart. They can help give you the insider information needed to make the best decision for your family. Your Realtor® can also help you go into the open house with a plan. 

Check for Red Flags

Most homes are staged and presented to show off their best qualities, but there's always the chance that the home could need a few extra repairs that you may not have the budget to fix. Cosmetic details, such as requiring a new coat of paint or a small dent in the wall, are typically relatively easy to change once you move in. The more significant issues may be concerning if it's not within your budget to fix. Here are a few red flags to look out for and ask the selling agent about:

  • Major cracks in the ceiling or water damage

  • Staining on the basement's baseboard (may indicate basement flooding)

  • Do the bigger items seem to be in good working order? (Furnace, Air Conditioner and Appliances)

  • Any overpowering scents? (Too much air freshener could be a sign of covering up mildew or other odours)

Make Sure That the Home is Suitable for Your Needs

It can be hard to imagine a home being right for you and your family, especially when it doesn't have your furniture, paint colours, or even the flooring you would hope to have. Instead, try to focus on the more extensive, structural and functional qualities of the home, as you will have the ability to change out most decorative features down the line. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do the windows provide enough natural light?

  • Are the rooms the correct size that I will need?

  • Is there enough storage space?

  • Is the yard/landscaping suitable for my family's needs (if applicable)?

  • Will the layout of the home work for my day-to-day life?

Ask The Selling Agent Questions

Take advantage of having the selling agent present at the Open House and ask them any questions that you might have in the moment. This is a great way to start an open dialogue with the seller's agent and get answers to your questions about the home in real time. Don't forget to take their card, because sometimes you might think of additional questions later! Here are some more advantages for buyers checking out open houses.

Listen to What Other Buyers Are Discussing

Ultimately, the decision is yours regarding whether the home is right for you, but you may find it beneficial to listen to what other people viewing the home are discussing. You should certainly take this with a grain of salt, but they may discover overlooked flaws, find silver linings or have renovation ideas you never thought about. It also may give you a sense of how much interest there is in the home. 

Be a Gracious Guest

As Open Houses become more popular, it's essential to be respectful in the seller's home. In 2022, most homes will have internal security cameras, so be careful what you say inside the home. Whether you dislike certain home features or are eager to discuss negotiation strategies to haggle the price, it's best to hold off on making comments until you've reached your car and can discuss it with your family and Realtor® privately. 

It's also best to leave any of your pets at home. Most homeowners will remove pets from their home during showings and open houses, but if it isn't possible, you do not want to have any negative interactions between animals. Not only that, but despite our best efforts, pets can make a mess. Not only that, but they can also distract you from being able to view the home and be fully present during the open house. 

Visit the Neighbourhood 

If you have a few open houses back-to-back, try to plan some time in between to stand outside on the street. Observe the neighbourhood and the neighbours and spend some time ensuring that it is the right area for you and your family. Check out the local parks and coffee shops. If you have a commute, give that commute a test drive. 

Choose The Best Real Estate Team!

Working with a team of Real Estate experts will ensure that you find the best home for you and your family. Our Professional, Loving Local Realtors® are Certified Negotiation Experts who will always go full out for you®. Learn more about the advantages of working with Faris Team as a buyer!

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