May 25, 2022:

Here’s Exactly How Buyers Can Take Advantage of Open Houses in The 2022 Spring Market

Here’s Exactly How Buyers Can Take Advantage of Open Houses in The 2022 Spring Market

With restrictions being lifted in Ontario, Open Houses are becoming more enticing for sellers to get more exposure for their homes. Spring 2022 has seen more inventory become available in the housing market, which is giving buyers more opportunity to choose a home that works for them. What many buyers are not aware of, is that Open Houses are equally advantageous to helping them find their new home quickly and to help make the best decision for their family. Here are five ways that buyers can take advantage of open houses in this market to find their new home.

Open Houses Are Convenient

For many buyers, finding the right home can be a long process. If you see a listing that you are interested in viewing, you would have to book an appointment for a showing. This typically requires notice for the seller, from approximately one hour to even 24 hours. Open Houses typically occur on weekends at convenient times, and you can tour many homes sequentially.

Open Houses Give You More Time In The Home

Open houses give buyers more time to tour the home and get a full picture of what it might be like while living there. If there are homes that you particularly like, open houses allow you more time to spend in the home to really picture yourself in that space. What’s more is, you will be able to take the time to really imagine yourself living in that home. You’ll be able to envision holiday dinners in the dining room, Christmas morning in the family room, or summers on the back patio. Buyers always report that they feel more confident in their decision to purchase a home after taking more time to experience the home.

Buyers Can Ask Questions and Receive Answers Quickly

Many buyers don’t know that the Realtor® selling the property will be present at the home. This is the perfect opportunity to ask the nitty-gritty questions that they might have on the spot and receive an answer right away on behalf of the seller. There’s nothing worse than walking out the door thinking that a home has potential, but still have lingering questions that could ultimately affect your decision. This is a great way to ensure that when you leave the house, you aren’t left wondering questions like “this is perfect…but what if…” or “this is great, but what about…” You can leave that tour with the most complete picture possible of whether this home is right for you and your family.

You Can Spend More Time In The Neighbourhood

As a buyer, there is nothing worse than buyer’s remorse. Buying a home is a major life milestone and your home is going to be your greatest asset. No one wants to endure the pain of buying a home that simply isn’t right. Touring multiple open houses in a particular community has many advantages, including getting a greater sense of the community that you will soon call home. This may not be achieved if you simply drive to the location once and return to your current home. The more time you spend in a community gives you the greater picture of what your life may look like once you make the move. You can take advantage of the weekend trip to grab a coffee at the local shops or check out any local parks. You can map out your new commute to work, or you can drive by local schools. This will ultimately help you make the best decision and prevent buyer’s remorse.

Open Houses Help Buyers Gain Perspective

 With Open Houses, you have the option to bring a friend or family member along with you to help you make your decision. With open houses, you also have the option to view homes back-to-back which can help you better compare the two, giving you a larger picture of the local market and minimizing time in between where you could potentially forget the smaller details or impressions of the home.

What Is Different About The 2022 Market And What Can You Expect?

After having virtually no open houses for the past two years, there are a few changes and differences from events that used to be very common before the pandemic. Being forced to pivot to a more digital approach in the past couple of years has equipped brokerages with the tools to market open houses online. You do not have to go very far to find homes that will be hosting open houses, and if you are not sure, your Realtor® will be able to assist you.

Your Realtor® can also guide you concerning up-to-date rules and requests for masks and how you can navigate an open house safely if you are concerned about COVID-19. A great Realtor® will give you the Professional Guidance that you need to find your new home and be not only comfortable but confident with your decision.

This current market in 2022 has seen a larger flow of inventory, and homes are staying on the market longer. There is more opportunity for buyers to make the move to a home that best suits their needs, and your next home could be having an open house this very weekend.

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