December 5, 2022:

You’ll Never Guess Which City Ranked One of the Best in Canada!

Resonance Consultancy just released their list of the 25 best small cities in Canada, and you won’t believe who made the cut! 

Resonance Consultancy ranks the cities based on factors that make them attractive places to live, work and play. In addition, they considered places that Canadians love to call home and places that are highly desirable local destinations. 

A particular small city that is very near and dear to our hearts at Faris Team ranked 17 out of 25 best cities is none other than...Barrie Ontario! 

Here’s Why Barrie Ranked One of the Best

Resonance Consultancy cited several reasons that make Barrie one of the most desirable small cities in Canada. 

They called beloved Barrie a gateway to cottage country and attributed their close proximity to cottage country as one of the reasons that make the city so attractive to residents. Barrie is a midway point between Toronto and the great northern cottage country. 

They also credited Barrie’s bustling activities, from parks to high-quality restaurants to entertainment, as one of the reasons why it ranks so high against other Canadian cities. And lastly, they praise Barrie’s downtown core and infamous Lake Simcoe beaches. 

Why We Love Barrie

Faris Team has been Barrie’s greatest cheerleader from the beginning, and here are a few additional reasons why we think Barrie is one of the most incredible places to live in Canada. 

Year Round Adventure

One of the biggest misconceptions about Barrie is that the weather is punishing, leading people to believe there isn’t anything to do once the snow begins to fall. On the contrary, Barrie residents have truly embraced the winter, and there are endless activities to enjoy all year round. From skiing the slopes at Horseshoe Valley Resort to enjoying Barrie’s famous Winterfest festival. In addition, there are endless local parks where you can enjoy winter hiking, exploring, snowshoeing and enjoying the majesty of Canadian winters. 

In the summer, you will also enjoy endless seasonal activities with such a close proximity to beautiful Lake Simcoe beaches. Barrie is a waterfront city with four main beaches to enjoy, including Centennial Beach, Johnson’s Beach, Minet’s Point Beach, and Tyndale Beach. You can enjoy waterfront sports or just relax at the beachside and enjoy that fresh lake air! You can also explore Barrie’s famous waterfront trail if you want to get in touch with nature. 


Home to the Barrie Colts, there is plenty of opportunity in this city to enjoy local sporting events where you can support your home team. Not only that but there are also plenty of sports opportunities for children and growing families to participate in and enjoy. From hockey to volleyball to skiing, there are plenty of sporting activities available around the city for the whole family to stay active and healthy. 

More For Your Money

Compared to a condo in Toronto, your money for housing will take you substantially further in Barrie than it would in other cities. If you are looking for a single detached family home, you can find that in Barrie for the price of a small condo in Toronto. 

A Safe Community 

Safety is everything, and you want to make sure that you settle down in a community where you can feel safe both at home and when you are out and about. According to Canada Statistics, Barrie was named the fifth safest city due to lower crime rates. This means you can start and raise a family without constantly looking over your shoulder. In Barrie, you have all of the benefits and amenities of city living while still enjoying the small-town lifestyle. 

Ready to Call Barrie Home? 

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