Shaker Srouji: Sales Representative



If you're looking for a Realtor® who knows how to go to the wall for their clients no matter the circumstances, Shaker is your man. His inspiring life story proves that he knows how to overcome obstacles and is fearless in the face of challenges, so you can feel confident trusting him to help you buy or sell your most significant asset. Shaker's resilience helped him to conquer a rare type of cancer, grind through intense training for eight months to climb mountains in the Yukon and work his way up to manage multiple sales companies in North America. And that's only the beginning. His life is a testimony to how he delivers as a Realtor® with his experience, passion, knowledge, and perseverance.

Having purchased his very first home at only 22 years old, Shaker always loved real estate. He also has a passion for nature and has dedicated 25 years as a faithful volunteer for the Credit River Anglers Association doing tree planting, stream rehabilitating, and maintaining a small fish hatchery. Shaker's favourite place in his home is the kitchen. He puts his competitive nature to work and has cooking competitions with his family and friends. Shaker lives by Robert De Niro's words, “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.” As such, Shaker lives every day to the fullest is sure never to waste his talent.

The three things that Shaker loves most about Faris Team are their team approach, their dedication to giving back to their community, and their mission to go full out for you®. He loves music, so don't be surprised if you catch him vibing out to his favourite tunes. Shaker is a Realtor® who is sure to provide you with an exceptional real estate experience.

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