Kevin Winters: Sales Representative



While everyone else is figuring out why something won't work, Kevin's the guy who's busy getting it done. It's one of the qualities that fueled a successful 25-year career operating a sales agency for the top brands in cycling. It's also what led to the pursuit of his long-time dream of selling real estate.

Kevin is genuinely interested in people's stories, histories, and experiences. He knows that great relationships form by listening first and being genuinely engaged in the content. He credits every ounce of his success in sales to his ability to listen, adapt, and deliver on the needs of his clients. Not only has Kevin served his clients well with this approach but also several colleagues who he mentored in sales. Watching their careers flourish has been incredibly gratifying for him, especially as the overflow of business success also positively impacted their personal lives.

Driven, motivated, considerate, and a lot of fun, Kevin adds value to his clients' buying and selling experience with his detail-oriented nature and determination to make his clients happy.

Besides selling homes, Kevin enjoys cycling, personal finance, and DIY home improvements. Personally, he treasures his two awesome kids and his lovely, supportive wife. In business, he is most proud of the lasting friendships he has formed. He's pretty fierce on a mountain bike and is always amused by his beloved dogs Olly and The Stig.

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