Joseph Pretotto: Broker



Joseph has been going full out® for clients since becoming a licensed Realtor® in 2007. His experience serving the fast-paced GTA market makes him an ideal fit to help clients find and sell homes throughout sought-after Simcoe County. Joseph's professional style centres around making connections with clients that go beyond business: real estate isn't only his job, it's his passion.

Working in service-based environments from an early age, sales and negotiations come naturally to Joseph. From pre-construction condominiums and new homes, to residential and condominium re-sale, to multi-family investment and commercial properties, his range of experience and expertise delivers a smooth, stress-free real estate experience to clients.

Joseph values dedication and hard work. His sincere, pragmatic approach to business is balanced by his open-mind and readiness to pitch in and add value wherever he can. After seeing an opportunity to provide better management, Joseph became president of his condo board and takes pride in making decisions that lead to a better quality of life for his fellow homeowners.

Blessed with a beautiful family, great friends and an inquisitive mind, Joseph is motivated by the limitless potential of each day. His clients greatly benefit from his self-reliant attitude, positive mindset and results-based approach to real estate.

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