Jawni Thurston: Sales Representative



From a very young age, Jawni has learned what it means to work hard, be persistent, and get the job done no matter what. Others describe her as honest, smart, and a natural problem-solver. To top things off, she has real estate running through their veins, having purchased her first home when she was only 23.

Jawni always goes above and beyond for her clients and is focused on achieving their goals. No request is too great, and she always delivers with grace and a smile. She is a fervent believer in Faris Team's philosophy of “full out®,” which is what initially drew her to the team when it came time to buy and sell her own home.

Jawni is proud to be working with a team where love, on fire, excellence, growth innovation and WOW are ingrained into the fabric of the team as they align so well with her own values. A voracious reader, when she doesn't have a book under her nose, Jawni enjoys spending time with her husband and son, camping, enjoying the outdoors or frequenting the gym.

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