Caroline Faris: Sales Representative



With nearly a decade of experience in the sales industry, Caroline has extensive knowledge of sales, marketing, communication, and presentation delivery. Sales is in Caroline's bones. One of her most remarkable accomplishments was clinching the largest deal in the history of a national sales company at just 22 years of age.

Caroline is very goals-driven; she wakes up every day looking forward to working on her personal goals and crossing them off her list. Something Caroline has a passion for is refinishing furniture. She loves taking something outdated and turning it into a unique piece. Caroline's knack for recognizing diamonds in the rough is a valuable asset to clients looking for a home that can grow in value with the help of someone with a keen eye. She's motivated every day to help her clients achieve their real estate goals.

Caroline has a heart filled with immense love for family. Her most fulfilling achievement is raising her three boys, very close in age. She is inspired daily by people who have busy careers, are raising children and yet are still out there knocking it out of the park. This respect for working families is what fuels her desire to help people find the right home in a way that completely alleviates the pressure of this often very stressful task. Caroline helps her clients achieve this with a perfect combination of wit, tenacity, and an easy-going personality.

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