Ali Al-Mahdi: Sales Representative




If you’re looking for a Realtor® who is numbers-savvy and client-focused, look no further than Ali. Before joining Faris Team, Ali graduated from engineering and was working in the automation sector as an application engineer but realized that his love for working with people and helping them reach their goals in life was where he belonged. Not only will his clients benefit from his caring and loyal demeanour, but he will make sure that you get the most out of trusting Faris Team with your greatest asset.

Loyal and dependable, Ali loves meeting new people and creating life-long relationships. This won’t be a Realtor® that forgets about you after the sale. He knows the responsibility of guiding you through your greatest life milestones and will help you through every step of the way and long after the keys are exchanged. Not only is Ali the embodiment of Faris Team’s Core Value of Love, but his analytical skills and ability to crunch numbers to ensure his clients get the very best contributes to Faris Team’s Core Value of Excellence.

Giving back to the community is always top of mind for Ali, which is why he volunteers at the local community centre where he grew up, giving back to the younger generation. From facilitating local food drives, youth camps and weekend sports and events, Ali is always going full out® for his community. When he isn’t working and volunteering, you’ll find Ali working out, playing basketball and soccer and going on nice walks by the lake with his wife. When asked about what he truly values most in life, Ali’s answer is family.

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