February 14, 2022:

When Should You Speak to A Mortgage Broker?

Exciting. Inspiring. Transitional. These are just a few words that come to mind when thinking about buying a home, especially if it’s your first home.

Overwhelming. Isolating. Scary. Stressful. These are words that home buyers commonly use when it comes to getting a mortgage, especially when it is your first mortgage.

Buying a home can be both very exciting and perhaps even a little bit daunting. You might feel as though you are standing at the bottom of a mountain, thinking that there is so much to tackle on your own before even taking those first steps and reaching out to a Mortgage Broker. From figuring out what kind of mortgage you can afford, to figuring out what your credit score really means, to saving money for that down payment. It is a lot to conquer on your own. 

Most people don’t know that the best time to speak to a Mortgage Broker is before any of those steps are taken. A great Mortgage Broker is there to help you through the entire mortgage process, and will happily use their expertise to guide you through any of the necessary steps that will lead you towards the best mortgage possible. If the thought of getting a mortgage or buying a home seems incredibly stressful, a great Mortgage Broker will put you at ease and help you navigate this major life decision from start to finish.

Here are just 3 ways that you can benefit from speaking to a Mortgage Broker today:

1.   A Mortgage Broker Will Help You Evaluate Where You Currently Stand

A Mortgage Broker will help you understand where you currently stand in your Real Estate journey. If you can’t figure out what your credit score means, don’t worry! They will explain your credit score, and what that means for your current financial standing. If you want to buy a home and are completely unsure of where to start, they will help you determine how to go about taking these first steps.

2. A Mortgage Broker Will Help You Set Real Estate Goals

Next, a Mortgage Broker will look at your home buying goal. What does your end destination look like? What type of home are you hoping to afford, and what type of mortgage would you need to get that home? These are all questions that your Mortgage Broker will help you determine.

3.   A Mortgage Broker Will Help You Create A Bridge to Help You Achieve Your Goals Based On Where You Are Presently

Once you have established where you currently stand financially and have established home buying goals that you wish to achieve, your Mortgage Broker will help you create a bridge to arrive at that destination. They will give you tips for saving for that down payment with your budget in mind. They will also help you determine a checklist of everything you need before buying a home and will give you tips that will set you up for success to reach those Real Estate goals.   

Introducing Faris Team Mortgage

Faris Team Mortgage is just one of the many ways that Faris Team continues to go full out® for our clients and provides an end-to-end stress-free Real Estate Experience. We believe that first time home buyers shouldn’t be left confused on how to go about finding a mortgage. From helping you determine “how much house” you can afford, to guidance on saving for a down payment, to managing all communication between your lender and your Realtor® when the time comes to purchase a home, we are committed to providing our clients with the Best Real Estate Experience Guaranteed.

If you are looking for the right place to begin, head on over to our Faris Team Mortgage Page and fill out our contact form to get in touch with our Mortgage experts today.

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