April 18, 2022:

When is the Best Time in the Calendar Year to Buy a Home?

The Spring Real Estate Market is in Full Swing! When is the Best Time of the Year to Buy a Home?

You may find a lot of information online that says you should wait until a certain time of the year to buy a home. But these messages can be confusing and contradictory.

“Buy in the spring when there’s plenty of inventory!”

“Wait until fall or winter when there is less competition!”

“Wait until the housing bubble bursts!”

The truth is, there really isn’t a set date on the calendar where you should or should not buy a home.

Deciding to move or buy a home is an emotional decision and is often fuelled by your lifestyle choices. You may be ready to start a family, ready to downsize or ready to relocate somewhere else. Or perhaps you were browsing homes for sale, and you spotted your next dream home which has you thinking about making the move to a home that better fits your needs. But you might second-guess yourself and wonder, but is now REALLY the right time to buy?  

Here is the honest truth when it comes to deciding when it is the right time to buy a home:

“The right time to buy is when the right home comes on the market” – Mark Faris, CEO & Broker of Faris Team Real Estate. 

The timing to buy a home is not nearly as important as the reasons why you are deciding to buy in the first place. In a low market, you might be selling your home for less, but you will also pay less for your new home. Likewise, in a higher-priced market, you sell for more. But don’t forget, you will also pay more for the home that you buy.

Buying a home is emotional precisely because your home is where you spend the majority of your time. Some of your fondest memories are made there. Your home will house your wonderfully routine moments sipping coffee in the morning, to your grandest celebrations like a child’s first steps, retirement parties and everything in between.

Buying a home that is right for you and that you love will always be the smartest investment.

How do you know what is right for you? Mark has some questions you may want to reflect on when deciding to buy a home.

Choose An Expert Realtor®

Regardless of the time of year or the current market, choosing a Professional, Loving, Local Realtor® who will always go full out for you® is the best first step that you can take. If you are buying a home, they will ensure that you have the Professional Guidance that you need to make the best the best decision for you and your family. If you are selling first and then buying, you will want to choose a Realtor® that will get you the most value for your home before entering the market as a buyer.

Faris Team is the #1 Real Estate Team in Canada with over $1.4 billion in annual sales volume. Our mission is to go full out® for our clients and provide the Best Real Estate Experience in the world. Our Professional, Loving, Local Realtors® live where you live and love to go the extra mile for our clients, delivering the results that they deserve. Our service is unparalleled with over 9,100 Best Experiences and counting! We stand behind our service and our Best Experience Guarantee ensures that you can cancel your agreement with us at any time at no cost to you.

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