January 6, 2021:

Tailor Your Next Home Reno- With Madison Taylor

We sat down to interview Interior Designer Madison Taylor to find out what’s trending in the world of home renovations, and her top tips for sellers.

What’s trending this year or next has never been a question our firm bases its designs around. Concepts, not trends, and tailoring each project by keeping the client’s functional goals in mind is what delivers a well-used and well-loved space. Instead of approaching a project as a list of compartmentalized things, my philosophy has always been one of integrated design: if you find a way to knit all of the elements of a space together so that it tells the right story, it will naturally pull together.

This year, our personal spaces have been multitasking like never before, so the increased demand for home renovations is no surprise. Here’s a peek at interior design requests that are topping the list for our clients:

Durable Materials

When your lifestyle is busy, your home can’t be high maintenance. Choosing materials that are easy to clean, hide wear and tear, and come from sustainable resources are popular choices in today’s home. There is less demand for natural stone or marble in favour of classics like hardwood and porcelain when it comes to flooring. There’s an evolution to these time-honoured choices, however. Mid-to-light colour tones are out-requesting dark hardwood that can show scratches, and large-format tiles are more popular than smaller pieces with intricate details that require more upkeep.


Modern Farmhouse Décor

The form and function of the modern farmhouse is a staple at our firm. Farms are designed to be high-traffic areas that house many people, thus they remain an ideal design concept for a busy family. Materials that are built to last, multifunctional rooms, and features like a large kitchen sink instantly appeal to homeowners who live a fast-paced lifestyle and need a home that can keep up. Style-wise, the modern farmhouse is all about clean lines, open floorplans, and warm tones that satisfy every client’s vision of the ideal cozy home. While traditional elements like wooden beams continue to anchor these spaces, more and more clients are asking for bursts of colour that can be easily integrated through furniture, art, and area rug selections.


Focused Features

One design choice we make time and time again is selecting white for a home’s walls. White walls are a canvas that can ebb and flow with any homeowner at any point in life. A neutral backdrop invites other elements of a home to take centre stage, like the lighting. A spectacular light fixture set against a subtle shiplap wall, for example, achieves balance in a room. To optimize natural light and bring elements of the outside in, windows should be plentiful and unobstructed. Finally, the staircase is an obvious but often overlooked focal point in the home. Whether assembled with modern glass or traditional spindles, you can’t go wrong if its details are chosen purposefully so that it integrates and flows with the rest of your home.


Bigger Closets and Bathrooms, Smaller Bedrooms

Homeowners are realizing that they don’t necessarily need a bigger master bedroom, just a smarter one. Many clients are opting to reduce the footprint of their master bedroom area by removing features like formal seating areas and fireplaces in order to have a larger, more functional closet and en suite bathroom.


Multifunctional Rooms

Our firm loves handling home renovations, and this year especially we’re being asked to make more spaces multifunctional. As our culture shifts into accepting more options to learn and work from home, finding innovative ways to insert designated workstations is more important than ever. Basements are also topping clients’ reno lists, but dedicated spaces to play and entertain away from our busy family lives aren’t just for the lower half of the home. Creating zones throughout the house dedicated to entertainment and retreat is also in high demand. Bar stations and wine walls are wildly popular for a reason: they marry simple storage with items that are innately beautiful, and when you build a space that is both functional and attractive, it’s one you’ll use and love each day.


Quick Tips for Sellers

  • Mixing Metals: Don’t be afraid to mix black or other coloured finishes with fixtures that are made from traditional metals like chrome and brass. Because you’re adding colour, not a competing metal, you can’t go wrong. Pairing a black faucet with a stainless-steel appliance, for example, is a beautiful combination, as is black hardware when other plumbing elements are chrome.

  • Easy Space Saver: Closet areas are valuable space, but the average home is only built to provide the bare minimum. If you’re looking to create more storage, consider removing the walls and doors of your closets and add built-ins instead. While they’re more expensive, a well-organized room is priceless.

  • Best Room To Reno: The kitchen. Then, now, and likely always. It increases the value of your home and will put potential buyers at ease knowing the main room of the house is functional, updated, and not going to drain them of additional money and, most importantly, time.

  • The Right White: Benjamin Moore’s Simply White, Decorator’s White, and Grey Owl, and Sherwin Williams’ Pure White grace the walls of many homes styled by my team.

About Madison Taylor Design

Founded in 2010, Madison Taylor has since become an emerging player in high-end residential architecture and interior design. Known for providing designs that are timeless, imaginative and seamlessly unexpected, Madison Taylor has a track record of surpassing expectations and achieving extraordinary results.


While the information contained in this site has been presented with alldue care, Faris Team assumes no responsibility or liability for any errorsor omissions.

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