November 17, 2022:

Should You Decorate For Christmas If You’re Planning To Sell?

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and people are decorating their homes from top to bottom with Christmas cheer so they can celebrate with their families. However, if you have decided to list your home for sale within the coming months, you may question whether you can safely decorate your home for Christmas if you’re planning to sell it. 

While it is very natural to want to join in on the fun and celebrate the holidays, it can become complicated because not only is your home the host of your holiday scene, but it is now about to become a product for sale. We’ve walked through 10 Staging Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs, but what about during the Christmas season? That isn’t to say that you cannot enjoy the holiday season at all, but some adjustments will have to be made to keep your home desirable to buyers.

Avoid Decorating Until the Photos are Taken, if Possible

Before you pull out the tree and holly, it’s best to hold off on decorating until your team has professional photos and videos taken. Once the holiday season comes and goes, those decorations will live on in your photos and videos. As much fun as it is to have them during December and even November, most people are ready to move on come January. 

Furthermore, with recent changes in the Real Estate market, most people are seeing their homes linger on the market much longer. While in previous years, homes could sell within a month’s time or even within a couple of weeks, the end of 2022 has seen increasing time spent on the market. Homes are listed anywhere from 10 to 30 plus extra days on the market. While we will always work toward making that time as short as possible, sellers need to be prepared to spend more time on the market. 

Decorating Your Interior: 

It’s important when decorating your home’s interior that you continue to consider the buyer’s experience. These buyers will be walking into your home looking for that WOW moment where they can envision themselves living there. When done right, they may also imagine themselves celebrating the holidays in your home for years to come. If done incorrectly, however, they may feel as though they are intruding, uncomfortable, or even distracted from your home’s beautiful selling features. 

  • Tuck Away Personal Items

Christmas inevitably evokes feelings of nostalgia, and so much about celebrating the holiday season is maintaining beloved traditions and remembering years past with custom ornaments, photographs, holiday cards and even knick-knacks. Unfortunately, these items that are so precious to you do not hold the same value to buyers walking into your home. They may be perceived as too personal or even as clutter. It’s best to tuck these items away when your home is being shown to buyers or left in storage until the following year once your home is sold.  

  • Keep Your Decor Simple and Sophisticated

When it comes to Christmas, there is a very fine line between enchanting and cluttered, and often that line is different from person to person and, therefore, buyer to buyer. To be safe, it’s always best to keep the decor as simple as possible. If the buyers are also Christmas lovers, it will give them a small taste of what it may be like to celebrate the holiday season in your home, and their imaginations will run wild. If decorating isn’t their thing, it won’t detract from your home’s beautiful features. 

Opt for pieces that are more chic, neutral and inviting. Christmas decor comes in many colours, shapes and sizes, but choosing a more neutral, uniform theme will be much more inviting to buyers, especially if Christmas decor isn’t appealing to them. 

  • Avoid Large, Bulky Decorations

You know that feeling on January 1st when you pack away all of the decor, and the home feels fresh, clean, and spacious? That’s because as much as we love our cozy holiday decor, it can take up a lot of space, making our rooms feel a bit smaller and cluttered. This is intentional because the holiday season is primarily about gathering with our families in a warm, bright and colourful space. But on January 1st, we move on from the holidays and are looking for a new start. In a lot of ways, this is also the buyer’s perspective. 

Any large, bulky decorations, block windows or light fixtures or hide important features may not showcase your home in the best way, and buyers may be distracted by the decor. This may include large wreaths, giant Santa statues, wall hangings, large garlands and elaborate displays. Those should be left in storage, and you can still enjoy them for years to come. 

  • Tree Placement

A Christmas tree is often the focal point of holiday decor. Unfortunately, Christmas trees can take up a lot of space, so placement can be tricky as it can easily become a big and bulky decor item taking up too much space. Ideally, choosing a smaller tree would be best, but as it will greatly vary from space to space, it’s best to discuss tree placement with your Professional Home Stager, as they will have the best advice on where to keep your tree while your home is listed for sale. 

Decorating Your Exterior:

  • Always Keep Curb Appeal Top of Mind

If you are one of those people who love to go all out for the holidays, lighting up your home with plenty of colours, displays, wreaths, garlands and fun characters, you may be the neighbourhood favourite, but it can really get in the way of showcasing your curb appeal. One of the most traditional and effective methods of selling your home is the “For Sale” sign at the curb. It lets everyone in your community know and people driving by that the home is for sale. Your exterior is also the first thing buyers will see when they pull up to view your home. You only get one chance at a great first impression. Excessive decor and colourful lights will distract and even hinder a buyer’s ability to be wowed by your home’s exterior features. They may miss that one feature that makes them say, “Yes, this is the one!”

That’s why it’s best always to keep curb appeal at the top of your mind when decorating your exterior for Christmas. Keep decor simple and inviting, and make sure that you don’t block any walkways or entrances. Keep the walkways clear of snow, salted, and unobstructed. 

  • Avoid Inflatables

Inflatable Christmas decor is quite charming and definitely a child favourite. They have become a trendy way to enjoy the holiday season both for your family and for passers-by. Similar to the interior, any large decorations will inevitably give the impression that your yard is smaller. These will definitely block your home’s desirable features, and they can even be mistaken for trash when they are not turned on, and the fabric is sitting deflated in your yard. This decor item can be set aside until you can enjoy it next year. 

Speak With Your Certified Staging Professional

If you have any uncertainty about how you can celebrate Christmas with your home on the market, we always suggest asking your Home Staging Professional for the guidance that you need to make the best decision. 

With Faris Team, you can choose Complimentary Staging from our award-winning in-house Staging Team to truly optimize the presentation of your home and achieve top selling price. Our clients are always amazed by the results, and buyers are impressed with how well our homes show! Every home is different, and every space is unique, so our Staging team will happily answer any questions you may have about your home’s specific space and give you the advice you need to help your home look its absolute best for buyers. 

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