July 18, 2019:

How to Be a REALTOR® in 3 Steps

As of July 2019 how you go about becoming a REALTOR® in Ontario is changing, and we’re going to break it all down for you so there’s no mystery.

What does it take to become a real estate salesperson?

  • Financial investment: Approximately $5,600 including all course fees, registration, insurance.

  • Practising costs: most REALTORS® will need to bankroll all of their own marketing and administrative costs, as well as brokerage and franchise fees, so having a cushion of $2-4K set aside for this purpose is recommended.Practising costs include:

    • Brokerage fees

    • Franchise fees

    • Contact management system

    • Signage

    • Website

    • Staging/photography

    • Closing Gifts

    • Advertising/marketing & supplies

    • Cell phone

    • Computer/tablet

    • Car

  • Time: the licensing process varies greatly, depending on your availability.(Approximate time investment required outlined below)


  • Canadian resident

  • Minimum age: 18

  • Have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Equivalent

Here’s how to become a REALTOR® in three steps:

Step 1 – Pre-registration – approx* 208 hours & $4,175

Click here to apply to Humber College’s Real Estate Sales Person Program – $75 application fee.

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Step 2 – Register with RECO

  • Cost: $590 + $445 Errors & Omissions (E & O) Insurance

  • Timeline: must be completed within 12 months of completing step 1

  • Obtain Salesperson Registration with RECO:

Step 3 – Post-registration – approx 50 hours & $770

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