October 20, 2020:

My Monogram Kitchen With Sarah Richardson

Today’s kitchen is a workhorse of multifunctionality and needs to embrace style and smarts in equal measure to meet the demands of today’s homeowner. Here’s a peek into Canadian designer Sarah Richardson’s kitchen, which graced the pages of the August issue of Faris Team’s Barrie Real Estate Guide.

Sarah Richardson's Monogram Design Centre Kitchen

When imagining my Monogram kitchen, I wanted to present a concept that would inspire homeowners to think about how they can create their own dream kitchen. So often we see professional-style appliances presented to homeowners in a commercial style and my goal was to make everyone feel “at home” in my Monogram kitchen – and inspired to unleash their inner chef! Since my own kitchens are always abuzz with activity and energy, I’ve designed this kitchen to embrace the functions of cooking, entertaining and family life.

This is my vision of a casual and comfortable kitchen for creating, collaborating and celebrating a passion for all things delicious! I envision it as the ultimate backdrop for dinners with friends, quiet nights at home and as the everyday hub of the home where everyone wants to hang out. With a place to sit and chat at the counter, a spot to work or research new recipes at the desk, a dedicated bar area for entertaining and plenty of counter space for prepping gourmet feasts, the layout of my Monogram kitchen celebrates the modern family lifestyle as it changes and evolves throughout each hour and day of the week.


Kitchens are often light and bright, but so often the time we spend prepping, relaxing or working in our kitchen happens during the evening hours, and this is what drew me to the concept of a rich and dramatic palette. I like to think of the kitchen cabinetry as an inky blue night sky backdrop that’s been punctuated and accented with artful highlights in the form of lighting and soulful, functional accessories.

The lighting showcases my desire to always blend classic influences with modern innovation. The eyebrow wall sconces provide a nautical nod to what could be considered a coastal palette. The brass island pendants are a clever blend of a classic material expressed in a modern form, which always appeals to my personal style and my desire to celebrate fresh ideas and creative concepts. Condo kitchens often suffer from a lack of natural light so I’ve embraced a signature trick and installed decorative antique mirror panels to harness the light and reflect it back into the work area, and of course the cloudy veining in the mirror reinforces my night sky inspiration. The ever-popular shaker cabinet door has a slight bevel giving it a polished profile amidst the sleek lines of the streamlined Monogram appliances I’ve chosen.


No kitchen is complete without original elements crafted with soul by artisans. To that end, I’ve curated a collection of blue hued images from world travel photographer Tony Koukos to celebrate the influences of global design in our everyday world and to highlight the architectural and textural elements that constantly fuel my creative passion. I believe kitchens should be lived in, and I always prioritize creating an oasis of comfort and calm to nourish the spirit and feed the soul. The lowered counter area serves multiple functions, both as a desk and as a serving or buffet area for entertaining.

Offering a variety of work and prep and seating options in any kitchen creates a welcoming environment. The table base is custom crafted out of solid brass and further reinforces the rich navy and warm brass palette showcased throughout the kitchen.


The final touch in my Monogram kitchen is the accent of natural walnut. The live edge solid walnut shelves add a subtly soft tactile element that is echoed in the hexagonal counter stools I designed (which reflect the backsplash and pendant profiles) as well as the wood accents throughout the space. A backsplash is a necessity for durability, but it’s so much more than simply a functional element – it’s often regarded as the jewellery in any kitchen and this one is no exception. I went one step further in celebrating its decorative impact by installing a smaller scale mosaic on the inset panel of the custom vent hood. For all the homeowners who’ve found a dramatic backsplash that they want to celebrate – here’s your chance to let it shine!When it comes to creating your ultimate kitchen statement, just remember… it’s the little details that make all the difference!


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