May 5, 2023:

Monthly Market Update: April 2023/2022

Get the latest update on the Real Estate market for April 2023/2022. While there are still some year-over-year deficits, the month-over-month statistics indicate a resumption of market activity, which is good news for both buyers and sellers.

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Barrie and Area

Last month, Barrie had 565 new listings available, which is 36% fewer than the same time last year. While there was a decrease in new listings from the previous month, 342 homes were sold in April, which is 5% more than last year and 33 more than in March 2022. The average sale price has seen a 10% decline from last year, but it increased from March 2023. In April 2023, the average sale price in Barrie and surrounding areas was $828k. On average, homes in the area sold firm in 40 days, which was 26 days slower than in April 2022 and 9 days faster than in March.

Orillia and Area

The Orillia area had 179 new listings come available in April 2023. This is down 25% year-over-year and a decrease compared to last month, with 208 new listings hitting the market. This could explain why home sales are down month-to-month and year-over-year in the area, but the decrease is only 8%. In addition, the average sale price has increased from last year by 2% and increased from March 2023, with the average sale price hitting $841k in April. In Orillia, homes firmed up 49 days on average, which is up 37 days from April 2022 and up 2 days from last month. 

Midland and Area

Midland and the surrounding area had 151 new homes hit the market in April 2023, which is 16% fewer listings year over year, while also experiencing a drop in new listings from the previous month. On the other hand, home sales are up 4% from last year and have also seen a month-over-month increase, with 82 properties sold in April 2023. The average sale price in Midland is down 13% year-over-year, with the average sale price reaching $694k in April 2023. Homes are taking longer to sell in the Midland area than in 2022, with homes selling firm in 86 days on average. This is up 67 days from April 2022. 

Collingwood and Area

Last month, the Collingwood area saw 369 new properties listed, which is a 7% decrease compared to the previous year. However, this is an improvement from March 2023's 333 new listings. In April, there were 159 home sales, but this is also lower than last year. On a monthly basis, only 122 homes were sold in April. The average sale price for homes in Collingwood was $831k in April 2023, which is down from the previous year but up from the previous month. Homes in the area are taking longer to sell, with an average of 82 days on the market in April. This trend is consistent across Southern Ontario.

Wasaga Beach

In April, there were 115 new listings in Wasaga Beach, which is slightly less than the same time last year (118), but a bit more than last month's new inventory. Although sales in the area are down compared to last year, there was an 8% increase in home sales from March 2023, with 53 homes sold. The average sale price in Wasaga Beach has decreased by 10% from last year to $713k but has remained stable month-over-month. Unlike many Southern Ontario areas, homes in Wasaga Beach take 89 days to sell, which is 71 days longer than last year.

Alliston and Area

Alliston and the surrounding areas saw a tighter month for new inventory in April 2023, with 192 new listings, down 29% from April 2022. The good news is that while home sales are down from last year, they have only seen a 4% decrease year-over-year. The average sale price in Alliston for April was $952k, up from March 2023’s average sale price of $912k. While homes are taking 12 days longer to sell in the Alliston area than last April, homes are selling firm in 27 days on average, quicker than most areas in Southwest Ontario. In addition, it is also 5 days faster than in March 2023. 


In April, the number of new homes listed in Newmarket decreased by 35% compared to last year. However, there has been an increase in new inventory as 170 new homes were listed in April, up from 158 in March. Although sales in Newmarket were down by 11% compared to last year, there has been a month-to-month increase, indicating that the market is picking up. In April 2023, 125 properties were sold in Newmarket, compared to 116 in March 2023. The average sale price in April was just under $1.2M, which is a 5% decrease from April 2022. Homes in Newmarket are selling quickly, with an average of only 14 days on the market, which is faster than most of Southern Ontario.


In Vaughan, the number of new property listings has decreased by 38% compared to last year, with only 560 new properties listed in April 2023. However, there has been a slight increase in new listings compared to March 2023. On a positive note, sales have increased with 360 properties sold in April, which is up by 6% compared to April 2022 and significantly higher than the 310 properties sold in March. The average sale price in Vaughan was $1.3M in April, showing a negligible 6% decrease from the previous year. Homes are selling slower than last year, with an average of 17 days to go firm, but this is still faster than many areas in Southern Ontario.


Good news for sellers who have struggled in 2022: there has been an increase in buyer activity in many areas of Southern Ontario, which started picking up just one month ago. Although prices had corrected from previous years, many areas are now experiencing steady price increases.

However, there were fewer new listings available in April. While this may present an opportunity for discouraged sellers, it's important not to cut corners when marketing your home. To get the most value for your home, it's crucial to have it marketed with excellence. This involves professional home staging, exceptional photos and videos, and a marketing and pricing strategy implemented by a local expert with a proven track record of success.

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