March 18, 2022:

How Social Media Changed The Scope of Real Estate Marketing

There is no denying the impacts that social media has made an impact on the world. It impacts the way we interact with one another, the way that we consume news and entertainment, and even the way that we do business.

But how exactly has social media impacted the scope of Real Estate in the past few years?

We are diving deep into how social media matters when it comes to Real Estate and when it comes to marketing homes with excellence with our in-house social media expert, Catherine Boshell. Catherine brings her wealth of social media and digital marketing expertise to help homeowners achieve the most value for their homes and we sat down with her to discuss the ins and outs of how effective social media marketing will help homeowners sell faster and for more value.

Catherine Boshell- Social Media

First, how exactly has social media marketing changed the way that homes are being sold?

“Social media is a game-changer when it comes to Real Estate and our ability as a Real Estate Team to get your home in front of buyers. Millions of people are logged into their social media accounts at any given time, so as a Real Estate team, we need to always be ahead of the curve to make sure that your home is available to be seen where buyers are spending their time looking. With an effective social media strategy, your home can be showcased in many versatile ways: beautiful images, video tours, descriptive captions, and links to listings to learn everything you need to know. It really helps the buyer get the information that they need faster and more effectively, which in turn will attract the right buyers to your home.

Since more people are spending their time in the digital world, your experience with that Realtor® or Real Estate team begins online. Social Media is a great tool for people who are choosing Realtors® as it’s a great opportunity to look into the personality behind the brand and ensures that they are both credible and professional. You can learn so much about a company, an Agent or a team based on their social media experience.”

But it as simple as posting a photo of your house online?

“It is definitely not as simple as snapping a few photos of a home, posting it online and hoping for the best. The information that you share needs to be relevant, important and attractive to reach a larger organic audience. A lot of research and planning is needed to ensure that looks as effortless and attractive as it does. This includes high-quality images and videos of the property listed, presenting interesting facts and features about the listing that will help buyers fall in love with your property. Using strategic hashtags when applicable is also important and even financially boosting your posts ensures they reach a wider audience. You only get one chance to make that first impression and the reality is, most buyers will see your home listed on social media first.”

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Why is it important to choose a Real Estate Team that has an effective social media strategy?

“A single Realtor® cannot be an expert in everything, so having an expert social media strategist working with your Real Estate Team guarantees that your home is marketed in the best way possible. Social media is not just about branding; buyers are using social media to shop for homes too and our digital strategies have helped sell some of our largest homes. Buyers recognize our credibility, and our ability to create hyper-local content attracts serious buyers. Having a significant social media following is also important because more people are viewing your listings.”

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How can you tell as a prospective seller that your Real Estate Team has a proven social media marketing strategy, and doesn't just have fake followers or "bot" followers?

“Engagement is key! If an account has thousands of followers, it can be expected that their engagement rates are proportional. This can be figured out by comparing the number of followers to the number of likes and number of comments. Instagram accounts with many followers and very low engagement rates may have a poor social media strategy, but it’s also likely that they have a bunch of fake followers.”

Leave the digital strategies to the experts and let us take care of the marketing for you!

Faris Team’s promise to our clients is to deliver exceptional marketing. Your home sells faster and for more with our proven system. Our clients deserve the best, which is why we never cut corners and deliver the best marketing experience every time. Our in-house marketing team deploys millions of dollars each year to market our clients’ properties across all marketing channels for the greatest exposure for your home.

Faris Team attracts thousands of buyers and sellers through our highly active social media channels. Our Social Media Manager will market your home to our tens of thousands of genuine followers online with optimal reach across all platforms.

Our Facebook and Instagram pages have over 30,000 followers and each platform reaches over 230,000 people every month. It is both engaging and entertaining, featuring listings, local events, market news and other practical real estate information.

We invest into each property we sell both locally and to the GTA – Greater Toronto Area, reaching thousands.

Want to know what this means for you as you consider buying or selling a home? We’re here to make your experience stress-free.

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