April 6, 2022:

Home Prices Are High! Should I Still Buy?

“Why Should I Buy Now When Home Prices Are So High? Should I Wait Until They Drop?”

A lot of people who have been thinking of buying a home are now questioning if it is the best idea in this market. After all, home prices seem to continue to climb. Many buyers are comparing average home prices now to 5 or 10 years ago hoping that those prices may return. It might seem appealing to wait it out and continue renting until there is a cool down, right?

That may be a mistake.

Mark Faris, CEO and Broker of Faris Team Real Estate discusses the market behaviour and why it is still very important to get into the Real Estate market. Over the long term, housing prices continue to trend upwards. If you have been thinking about buying a home, the time is now to take action.

Watch our latest Inside Track for more information on the current market, and to find out what the Real Estate market has in common with a yo-yo (and an escalator!)

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