August 5, 2021:

Get Your Home Back-To-School Ready

Now is a perfect time to think about what you want your back-to-school routine to look like, and how you can set yourself up for a smoother transition. It starts with getting organized and setting a few up key areas in your home.

Get Your Home Back-To-School Ready

Drop Zone

ht plan-mudroom-hero

Your family may use the front door, or a mudroom entry through the garage. Either way, when kids come home at the end of the day, they need a place to put their things. Look at what space you use to enter and exit and eliminate any items that don’t belong there.

Next, make sure you have room for backpacks, seasonal shoes and outerwear. You may need a few more hangers or need to put up a few extra hooks. Give each child a space for their backpack and jacket, as well as a designated area for their shoes. Other items like umbrellas and winter accessories can be grouped by child in a small basket or cubby space if your space permits.

Kitchen Zone


The kitchen is a hub of activity on school days. Prepping lunches, signing permission forms and raiding the pantry for after school snacks are easy areas to streamline.

Start with creating a space for any school related paperwork to go. It can be a file folder tucked in a cupboard or hung on the inside of a door, or an inbox holder. No matter how you choose to work with your space, ensure your kids know what it’s for and check it daily to ensure nothing gets missed.

Go through your school lunch supplies, and create a designated space for water bottles, lunch containers, and any other lunch making supplies. You’ll have a handy spot to access each day.

After school can be a flurry of activities when exhausted kids (and parents) come through the door. Once everything has been put away where it belongs, having a shelf or drawer with non-perishable snacks and an area in the fridge for fresh foods that you’ve deemed appropriate for the kids to munch on.

Homework Zone

Schoolboy carrying box of pencils in classroom at primary school

You’ve likely already set space aside for your children to do their homework after a year of virtual learning. Take a look at each space and clear out any outdated paperwork, replace and refresh school supplies.

If you’re setting up a new desk space the key items to include are a chair, good light source, paper, pencils and any other school supplies your child may need. You may also want to ensure there is an outlet nearby for any work that needs to be done on a computer or device.

Whether the homework area is in an open area or not, storage containers can help contain and disguise the clutter.

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