May 13, 2021:

Boost Your Yard’s Appeal with Frankie Flowers

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but I’d venture that our yards rank just as high when it comes to what’s most used and most loved.  Whether you’re prepping to sell this spring or making updates to list in the future, these tips will help buyers fall in love with your home before they even step foot inside.


You wouldn’t leave a hole in your wall before showing a room to a buyer, so use the same judgement when you look at the state of your outdoor space. A well-kept property signals a home that is loved, so clean up dead plants, cut the grass, and mulch and edge your gardens before a showing.

One or two large, colourful containers by your front door will add an instant wow-factor, and whether your garden bed showcases cared-for perennials or pops of annuals bought just for the season, flowers and plants will boost your home’s appeal instantly.


Infuse Emotion

The outdoors are connected to our memories and our physical and mental health, so it should come as no surprise that landscaping is really about creating emotion. You want a buyer to feel something when they see your home, so make sure you cover all the senses.

The smell of a fragrant lilac tree coupled with colourful flowers in a garden bed are both easy ways to showcase your yard this spring. Hanging fruit baskets and raised vegetable beds nod to tasty treats your property can yield, and by putting up wind chimes or running a small water feature, you’re creating a serene moment through sound.

Finally, put your fire bowl or table prominently on display. Although you’ll want to keep it unlit during a showing, it encourages buyers to imagine the heat of a roaring campfire during evenings spent in their potential new yard.


Think Long Term

What’s better than a yard that has great bones to work from? If you’re selling in the future, but making purchases for your family now, consider investing in items that scream low maintenance.

If you’re replacing your deck, I highly recommend composite over wood. Not only does it look great but it will last much longer.

Trees are often overlooked as a major value-add to the home. Planted in the right location, trees offer shade in hot weather, reducing your A/C bills, and when its leaves fall they let in much-needed sunlight during the fall and winter.

There used to be division amongst homebuyers on those who wanted a pool and those who didn’t, but since we’re all spending more time at home investing in a pool or hot tub now is sure to excite buyers looking at your home for months or years to come.


Tips for Buyers

  • Think about the yard’s light sources. Does the home face the direction you desire to maximize light or shade?

  • If the home has existing landscaping, ask who did the work and if there’s a warranty. You never know what the frost and thaws of a Canadian winter will disrupt.

  • If the yard has lots of mature trees, consider obtaining an arborist’s quote. You don’t want to be on the hook for dead trees that will need removal.

About Frankie Flowers 

Gardening tools and plants isolated on white. Gardening - Set Of Tools For Gardener And Flowerpots

Four-time best-selling gardening author, three-time recipient of Landscape Ontario’s Garden Communicator of the Year, award-winning landscape designer, and Toronto’s most popular weather guy, Frank Ferragine—best known as Frankie Flowers on Breakfast Television and CityLine—is Canada’s gardening expert. From plant killers to master gardeners, Frankie believes there is always a lesson to be learned and a plant to be saved! Locally, Frankie’s family operates Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery—named Canada’s Best Garden Centre and one of Canada’s Best Managed Businesses.

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