July 29, 2021:

Don’t Try These 3 Home Repairs Yourself

Let’s be honest, some of us secretly aspire to be the next HGTV power-duo like Joanna and Chip Gaines. They’re the home beautification dream team with an entire farmhouse chic movement behind them. Joanna with her keen eye for design and Chip for his construction know-how who together turn neglected homes into masterpieces! While Chip and Joanna, and many other DIYers on TV make it look easy, they often have years of experience and training behind them as well as crew of professionals to help. Even the king and queen of farmhouse chic know there are just some things you need to hire an expert for!

Don’t Try These 3 Home Repairs Yourself



Leaky faucets or a minor clogged drain can be an easy repair for an experience homeowner but the ripple effects of taking a DIY approach to most plumbing issues can cost you time and money. If not properly repaired, you can damage plumbing fixtures or run the risk of having a small leak create major damage to flooring, drywall and more. Calling a plumber will pay off in the long run to ensure your home is maintained properly.


The man is repairing the switchboard voltage with automatic switches. Electrical background

It goes without saying, but when there is a risk of danger associated with a task, it usually means you should call in a professional. Electrical work is one of those areas where you could easily get a shock or worse, and a trained electrician should be your first line of defence. Light fixtures could be easily tackled by an experienced DIYer, but in many cases all electrical issues should be left to the professionals. Electricians undergo significant training and while they can assist you as the current homeowner to repair issues properly, it’s also important to remember anything a future home inspector could deem improper could be detriment to a home sale.

Roof Repairs

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Cleaning your gutters and hanging your Christmas lights are a few common roof related DIY tasks you may be able to handle, but if you’re looking to do major repairs it’s best to call in the pros! There is significant risk involved with getting up on your roof and a fall from these elevated locations land many homeowners in the hospital with injuries. Whether your shingles need to be repaired or replaced from wild weather or aging, hiring a reputable roofing company will ensure you don’t end up in the ER. When you notice damage or repair areas it’s best to contact a roofing company to ensure no greater risk of leaks or long-term damage.


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