December 9, 2020:

Boost Your Home’s Appeal This Holiday Season

Even in a confident market, preparing your home for the real estate marketwhile trying to maintain some semblance of your favourite holidaytraditions can be tricky, but also, a key advantage. Holiday décor thatsets a warm and inviting atmosphere will not only enhance your home’smarketing but it will also make it look its best for you and your familyto enjoy.

Here are some holiday décor tips that will boost the appeal ofyour home this season.

Focus your décor

Holiday decorations with universal themes, like a winter wonderland, aresure to add atmosphere to your home. Dedicating one or two rooms inwhich to place décor achieves an appropriate nod to the season withoutovercluttering your interior as a whole. Remember, potential buyers wantto envision themselves in your home, which includes dreaming of how theymight decorate the space.

Keep reds and greens as accents only

Like having decorations in too many rooms, having a multicoloured décorpalette can make your home feel busy and cluttered. Using natural toneslike silvers, golds, woods, and whites create a relaxing atmosphere thatdoesn’t distract from the year-round features your home has to offer. Ifyou have light-toned furniture, add natural greenery or a few seasonalplants like poinsettias for colour.

Seasonal curb appeal

Even in winter, your curb appeal should be exactly that: appealing. Chooseelegant outdoor lighting, preferably white, to give your home a dreamy,festive feel. Pack away any distracting, large-format decorations,especially inflatable figures, and opt instead for simple pieces like awreath for your door and flanking planters made from fresh pine.

Add warmth with accessories

Whenever you’re selling your home, it’s critical to clear out and store awayyour household clutter and personal items, but keep pieces that set theright tone. Pillows, throw blankets, and battery-operated candles arecomplementing seasonal touches that draw the right kind of attention. If youhave a fireplace, ask your Realtor® to demonstrate it during a showing, andput out real, unlit, unscented candles for an added festive touch.

Trim a smaller tree

Often, a Christmas tree requires you to rearrange your interior space toaccommodate its girth. A smaller, less intrusive tree or even atable-top-style tree makes a festive impact without dominating the room.Remember to keep family gifts out of sight, save a few that have been expertlywrapped to complement the overall décor of the space.

Selling your home during the holidays doesn’t have to feel stressful and islikely to draw serious buyers. Just think —the effort you make now is bringingyou one step closer to your next home, where you’ll be celebrating nextChristmas.

Tried & True holiday décor trends:

Chalet Inspiration

Whether you’re a snow sport enthusiast or not, everyone loves chalet-inspireddécor. Trendy made-as-décor pieces or repurposed real equipment, like old skisand snowshoes, make ideal exterior decorations that stand up to winter weatherand up your curb appeal.

Repurposed Skis | Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Rope Lights

While strings of coloured lights go hand-in-hand with the holiday season, ropelights can be just the touch that’s needed to achieve the perfect outdoor scene.This simple, updated approach to exterior lighting is ideal to decorate postsand railings, illuminate your walkway, or embellish outdoor greenery.

Rope light, Incandescent, Clear, Walkway, Outdoors, Indoors, Stakes

Festive Planters

Ornaments and décor have evolved from shiny metallics to nature-inspiredaccents. Oversized Christmas-themed planters are a welcoming, stylish décorstatement that add a touch of colour and nature to your front porch.

Get the Look : Winter Planters – Art of Everyday Living

Firewood Charm

Gathering around a warm, bright fire is one of winter’s signature perks,which is why firewood-themed décor is so popular. A tidy pile of firewoodon a doorstep or beside an indoor hearth instantly cozies up a space, andit smells great too.


Swooping Garlands

Garlands are a simple, timeless holiday trend that add rustic charm toyour home. Like all décor when you’re staging your home to sell, less ismore: a few draped over your mantel or dining room table is all youneed.

Asymmetrical Garland DIY - Francois et Moi

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