June 29, 2017:

6 Features That Home Buyers Really Want in a Master Bathroom

The number of bathrooms in a home is important to a home buyer. Most buyers are looking for a home with a family bathroom, a powder room, and a master bathroom; of those three, the master bathroom has become a much sought-after location for a private retreat.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home immediately or not, if a bathroom renovation is in your future, you may want to consider these six features that home buyers really want in a master bathroom.

Neutral Ambiance

The bathroom is a place where home buyers want to feel relaxed. They want a spa-like atmosphere, a calm, clean, neutral ambiance that is created using natural decor elements, and a light, neutral colour palette. When plants are added, it makes the environment appear even more warm and serene.


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The shower typically gets used more often than the bathtub in most homes so home buyers want bigger showers with added features like multiple shower heads, built-in seats and frameless glass enclosures. Steam showers have also become an extremely hot commodity. A steam shower offers many options like aromatherapy, rain-like overhead shower, foot massage, music, phone connection, overhead LED lights, body jets and steam showers. Bathtubs are still desirable but freestanding soaker tubs are more popular than the built-in tubs with jets.


Heated floors

Heated floors are a great addition to any spa-themed master bathroom. These floors are a luxurious option that add a “wow” factor for many home buyers. There are two different kinds of radiant flooring: electric and hydronic. The electric uses heated coils and the hydronic uses heated water in tubing. The average cost to install bathroom floor heating for 100 square feet is about $600. Having warm feet on a cold day…priceless.

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Updated fixtures

Home buyers want bathroom fixtures that are beautiful, functional and conserve water. Saving money and the planet are both important, and doing so in style will catch a home buyer’s eye. Brushed nickel fixtures add a classic elegance to a space while chrome is sleek and usally more affordable. Advancing technology now offers home buyers hands-free fixtures which many home buyers are looking for. Choosing the right fixtures can make or break the look of a master bathroom, and home buyers are looking for the whole package.

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Lighting that shines

Choosing the right lighting is crucial when creating a tranquil atmosphere in the master bathroom. Poorly lit bathrooms are uninviting, but you can brighten up a space by adding mirrors and a variety of lights at different levels to take your bathroom to the next level. Controlling each light with a dimmer switch allows the bathroom to transform into the peaceful oasis home buyers desire.

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Storage space

Home buyers are always interested in storage space throughout a home, and the bathroom is no exception. Plenty of quality cabinetry is a necessity. Take the time to organize the inside of your cabinets to avoid the appearance of clutter. Effective planning means having enough room for toiletries and towels, while maintaining a retreat like ambiance.

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