April 14, 2021:

5 Backyard Features Homebuyers Love

The backyard is an important extension of the home and adds valuable living space. With trends constantly evolving, it’s difficult to know if your current setup will yield the most appeal to potential buyers. Individual tastes aside, there are outdoor trends that are universally desired in a yard.

Here are five backyard trends that meet every homebuyer’s wish list.


Buyers from every walk of life light up at the sight of a well-kept garden. Not only do flowers and plants enhance your outdoor space but they also signal pride of ownership and demonstrate that you’ve enjoyed spending much of your own time in the backyard. From hanging baskets to raised beds, gardens add colour and texture while evoking a peaceful feeling that will resonate long after your home’s showing.


Privacy is achieved on a sliding scale. Some homebuyers are satisfied with a transparent treeline while others prefer a definitive fence separating them from their neighbours. You can’t change the location of your home, but you can adapt your backyard so it shows the greatest potential for privacy. Shifting around your outdoor furniture or adding lattice to help enclose your patio are simple ways to showcase your backyard as a private space.


Some trends are timeless, like a yard that brings in loads of light. Walk through your yard and ensure there are pockets that maximize the light in your backyard, and prune back heavy branches to optimize sunshine. Outdoor lights are in style all times of the year, and even in the daytime they add ambiance to your yard. Add strings of lights around your seating area or line a walking path with solar lanterns; even though they won’t emit light in the daytime, they’ll nod to buyers that your backyard is enjoyed day and night.

Space to Relax

Now more than ever buyers are looking for backyards that can double as a relaxing staycation. Pools, hot tubs, fire pits, gazebos, and multi-tiered decks are all great features to highlight for achieving that resort-like feel. Relaxing nature nooks are something any seller can create to set a calming mood and can especially highlight a smaller backyard’s potential. Outdoor swings, hammocks, or just a simple wooden bench surrounded by greenery will go a long way in making your backyard a peaceful space.

Space to Play

The backyard is your home’s playground, so it’s important to showcase the potential for play no matter the age of your potential buyers. Clean playground equipment, a tree swing, and dedicated areas for children to explore will appeal to many as will showcasing space the whole family can enjoy. Define entertaining areas with a barbecue grill, outdoor dining table and seating, and add updated textiles to ensure buyers can’t help but envision themselves making memories in their soon-to-be new home.

Backyard Trends for 2021

“Giving Back” Garden

“Giving back” gardens are designed to attract beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. Talk to your local nursery about finding a brightly coloured, fully grown plant that you can easily transplant into your existing garden.

Geometric Patterns

Geometrics are a hot design trend this year. Infuse this pattern with throw pillows or an area rug to add a modern touch when showcasing your home.

Outdoor Work Spaces

The modern home office has no boundaries. An outdoor area to do business is sure to excite many buyers as more and more employers are offering work-from-home options.

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