August 23, 2019:

4 Smart, Strategic Moves for a Quicker Home Sale

Well before you think about staging your home to attract as many buyers as possible, there some key strategic decisions you’ll have to make to ensure you have the best real estate experience possible, culminating in a quick sale that nets you the most possible.

Here are four smart, strategic decisions that will help you sell your home faster and for more:

1. Hire the right Realtor®

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Your first and most important move is to find an exceptional Realtor®. Check out our blogs on questions to ask when interviewing Realtors® and how hiring the right Realtor® can save you thousands. Ultimately, you want to find a Realtor® who will give your home the best chance at getting sold faster and for more. Your agent should have extensive knowledge of your area, give you a detailed evaluation of your home and provide you with the highest quality in complimentary services that will showcase your home’s best attributes. When you’re interviewing Realtors®, make sure they live in the area, that they’re full time, and that they have a strong support team behind them. As well-intentioned as a part-time agent who is also doing the marketing and staging may be, they simply won’t be able to dedicate the time nor will they have the expertise that a full-time agent with a team of specialists behind him or her will have.  Don’t forget to ask about your listing agreement contract. What happens if you’re not happy with their services? Faris Team has a best experience guarantee, making the experience entirely risk-free for customers. If you’re not happy, you can cancel your contract at no cost to you. Unfortunately, this isn’t the norm in the industry so find out what you’re committing yourself to.

Before you commit to a Realtor®, make sure that he or she has a proven marketing plan to promote the sale of your home across multiple channels, casting a wide net locally, across the GTA, and internationally. Ask questions about exactly where your home will be advertised, which social media channels, boards, and websites, and if they have their own buyer’s network. Ask how many followers they have across their social media channels and what their digital marketing strategy is. If they have a buyer’s network, ask how big it is. Once your home is listed, support your Realtor’s efforts by sharing your listing across your own personal social network and asking friends and family to share it as well. This isn’t the time to be shy – use everything at your disposal to cast as wide a net as possible.

2. Show it to sell it

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This may seem like a no-brainer, but making your home as available as possible for showings is guaranteed to pay dividends in terms of selling your home faster. Many clients from the GTA are coming up to view homes in Simcoe County so limiting so limiting access to your home could cost you. In order to avoid restricting showing times or refusing showings which may deter potential home buyers from trying to reschedule, now is the time to start thinking about how you can make this process easier on yourself. Start by mentalling preparing yourself to be away from your home during showings. Plan to go somewhere or find things to do at times when showings are expected such as evenings and weekends. Even before you select your Realtor® you can look into arrangements for your dog, your kids and yourself during showings. This can be as simple as going for a drive or heading across the street to visit a neighbour. The more available you make your home for showings, the better your chances of signing off on a sale!

3. Look on the bright side

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There are four key elements to maintaining a positive attitude during the selling process:

1. Expect the unexpectedFor your own peace of mind in what can be a very stressful time, be prepared for bumps in the road and commit to staying positive. Expect the sailing to not always be smooth and commit to doing whatever you can to not let that sink you.

2. Plan what you canA good plan to look after yourself and to get help managing the needs of your home and family will go a long way towards keeping you on an even keel. Something that may help you with your sunny disposition is planning to do regular self-care or enlisting some short-terms support by way of cleaners, care-givers or landscapers while your home is for sale. These strategic decisions can really go a long way especially if things are moving a little slower than expected.

3. Get informedBeing informed about current marketing conditions will help you to be prepared for a realistic timeline to sell your home. Is it a buyer’s or seller’s market? What is the current average days on market? It doesn’t matter what a similar home sold for last year in another neighbourhood, it only matters what the market dictates your home’s value is in your neighbourhood today.

4. Change your thinkingWell, that’s easier said than done. It’s hard to be open-minded when it comes to your house because it’s so personal. It’s your a home. But it’s critical to shift your thinking in order to sell faster and for more. Once your home has been professionally staged, listed, and marketed, your Realtor® should be providing you with feedback from potential buyers, so carefully consider their concerns and look for statements that give clues on how to make changes that will lead to a sale. This is where an open mind really comes in handy. You may love your pink wallpaper but if both your stager and the public have been telling you that they do not, it’s probably time to pull out your paint supplies. Instead of getting frustrated that people can’t see past minor cosmetic issues, accept that your home is now a product for sale and you need to do what you can in the short-term to make this product as attractive to buyers as possible so that, in the long run, you’re in the home you want to be in. If your home isn’t selling, be proactive and go back to the advice the professional stager gave you and determine whether all of the suggestions were followed and then have an honest conversation with your Realtor® about the price of your home.

4. Price it right…the first time around

Price your home right

Always ranking as the number #1 hack for a quick sale is pricing your home competitively! The biggest mistake people make in selling their home is to let their emotions take the lead when setting a price for their home. Don’t let someone “buy” your listing by hiring the Realtor® who’s telling you to list your home $50K above market value – this will cost you thousands in the end. There are several strategies that you can employ in pricing your house which is dependent on multiple factors. The right Realtor® will be the one who will guide you along the path to real estate success by telling you the truth in a kind and factual way.

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