August 23, 2018:

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value on a Budget

Whether you are planning to sell your house, or just want to make some home improvements that will increase your property’s worth, you don’t have to look very far for upgrades that are affordable and will have a positive effect on the value and appeal of your home. Wondering what the best home improvements are to increase value?

Here are three cheap ways to increase your home’s value that can’t lose:

1. Seek outside help and expertise 

Often it is difficult to know where to begin, so it can be extremely valuable to get outside advice from an expert. In some cases, it will cost you nothing at all; asking a Faris Team real estate agent to come into your home to offer their expert advice is free. You may also consider hiring an interior designer for an hour can provide you with a myriad of ideas and tips specific to your home’s condition.  Alternately, booking a home inspection, energy or indoor air quality audit can provide tips to improve the overall functionality of your home, or can uncover hidden issues that could be cause for concern later on.

Organize and de-clutter inside and out with help from a professional organizer, cleaning company or landscape company to ensure a great first impression.

2. Focus on the big three: yard, bathroom, & kitchen

When it comes to getting a return on investment, experts agree that the best investments are in the yard, bathroom and kitchen. You don’t necessarily need to do an entire top-to-bottom renovation in these areas; small upgrades can make a big difference.

Invest in landscaping

Plant some trees or maintenance-free shrubs, raise the garden or paint the fence.

Bathroom updates

Replace the old vanity or outdated fixtures, refresh caulking and grout or exchange worn laminate flooring for modern tile.

Kitchen upgrades

Paint outdated cabinets and replace the hardware, change the sink faucets, install task lighting, add an elegant tile backsplash, exchange the old microwave with a sleek stainless steel one or upgrade worn out countertops.

3. Other easy DIY upgrades 

There are plenty of other do-it-yourself projects that are easy, affordable and can make a big difference:

  • Fresh paint

  • Replace damaged ceiling tiles or remove outdated popcorn ceilings

  • Replace or paint worn baseboards, trim and doors

  • Brighten up the house with new window panels

  • Install a large mirror to amplify a room

  • Upgrade light fixtures

  • Consider luxury upgrades like a water filtration system, energy efficient lighting or a spa shower head

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