February 10, 2023:

10 Tiny Plants That Are Perfect for Downsizing

The best part about houseplants is that you can find the perfect plant to brighten any space–big or small. 

With so many people downsizing to condos or empty nesters, you might be concerned if you can still enjoy all of the benefits of keeping plants indoors. So if you’re on the hunt for a tiny plant (or two!) to brighten up your windowsill or fill a small nook in your downsized home, here are ten beautiful tiny plants that are always the perfect fit! 



Most people think of succulents when they think of tiny plants, and as long as you care for them properly, they will fit perfectly on a bright sunny windowsill. However, these plants need plenty of light, so aim for a south-facing window in a pot with lots of drainage because they can be prone to root rot. Water these plants only when the soil has completely dried out. You may notice that the leaves start to wrinkle or pucker, but they will become quite plump once again with a thorough watering. 



If you don’t have a ton of light to work with, Hawarthia is an excellent alternative. These succulent-like plants rarely need water and are content in medium and even lower light levels. Also known as the “Zebra” plant, these hardy tiny plants will fit just about anywhere and will even add a bit of vertical depth to your decor.  



With over a thousand different varieties, Peperomia is a fun and versatile tiny plant that will fit any style or space, big or small. These plants prefer medium to bright indirect light, but they can also be low light tolerant. Their roots are quite delicate and are prone to rotting if given too much water, so make sure to allow the soil to dry out completely between watering. If you do that, these compact plants will bring you so much joy in various colours. 

Phalaenopsis Orchid


If you have a small space but a bit of vertical height to work with, orchids are always a great option, particularly if you are a flower lover! Most people receive orchids as gifts, just as you would a bouquet of flowers, but then toss them away when the blooms die. However, orchids can bloom seasonally if you keep them around. The secret is to give them bright, indirect light and use orchid fertilizer during the spring. 

TIP: do not give your orchid an ice cube for water, as the cold water will send them into shock! In the wild, orchids grow on trees (known as epiphytes) so they also don’t need dense potting soil and will do great when grown in orchid bark or moss. 

Jade Plant


You may be able to find massive Jade Plants in garden centres, but you can also purchase smaller plants that will happily live in a sunny place in your home. These are also very succulent plants that require infrequent watering as they store water in their plump leaves. If your Jade Plant gets too large, you can prune them and easily make new baby plants with leaf or stem cuttings. 

Air Plants


If you want a unique tiny plant that is a great conversation starter, Air Plants are a great choice! These plants require NO soil and draw nutrients from the air and water. You can simply soak these plants in water, hang them upside down to dry them, and place them wherever you want. There are also many fashionable ways to display Air Plants around your home, including frames so you can keep them on the wall if you are tight on counter space!

African Violets

STOCK PHOTO: African Violet

If you are a bloom lover, African Violets are some of the most underrated tiny plants that will add a pop of green (and colour!) to your home. African Violets have adorable, fuzzy leaves and will bloom and re-bloom again and again if you give them sufficient light. Their blooms will range from pink to purple to white, and are always a really exciting surprise when new blooms develop. 



If you have a sunny windowsill and you love the idea of harvesting homegrown fresh herbs while you cook, many different types of herbs will thrive indoors. These plants provide the perfect modern farmhouse appearance, from Rosemary to Thyme to Mint to Lemon Balm. Even better, they are also aromatic plants that are a perfect, natural way to fill your home with wholesome, fresh scents. The key to successfully growing herbs is the more sunlight, the better!

Pilea Peperomioides

STOCK PHOTO: Friendship Plant

The name may be a mouthful, but this plant is commonly nicknamed The Friendship Plant because it will grow tiny baby plants that you can divide and share with friends! These plants are loved for their tiny pancake-shaped leaves and vertical growth. This plant is a great way to add some beautiful green to your smaller space, and it’s also a great way to make friends with your neighbours!

Tip: Avoid getting the leaves themselves wet as they are prone to turning brown if water pools on the leaves. 



These adorable small plants have a slight flair for the dramatics, but they are incredibly fun and unique patterned small plant for every tiny space. When these plants get thirsty, they will wilt and droop but will pop back up when you give them a drink. This is perfect for anyone who tends to hover over their plants often. These plants prefer bright indirect light, but medium light levels work just fine. 

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