SEAN Smart Towns

401 Essa Road

Top 5 Things You Will Love About SEAN Smart Towns

  1. Unique townhouse development, recently built (2017) and centrally located in Barrie just minutes from highway 400.

  2. Specifically designed to maximize parking space, offering plenty of outdoor room to enjoy.

  3. Each home is energy-star qualified, presenting top-of-the-line ventilation, insulation and energy saving windows. 

  4. Modern conveniences are featured throughout, USB outlets, automated lock entry and smart thermostats. 

  5. Open concept interior, showcasing tasteful modern designs.


Sean is a unique townhouse development in Barrie, centrally located and just minutes from highway 400. These highly sought after residences have been designed to maximize park space so there are plenty of options to enjoy the outdoors and visit with neighbours. Each home is energy-star qualified and features high performance ventilation systems and top of the line insulation and windows that save energy and keep utility bills down. Modern conveniences are featured throughout, as each home comes with smart thermostats, USB outlets and automated lock entry.

  • Digital Smart Thermostats

  • USB Outlets

  • Energy Star Certified Home

  • Green Space Corridors

  • Kid Zone

  • Community Piazza

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